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Friday, December 20, 2013

The #JEANuary Challenge!

As you know, I've been participating in Dressember and loving every minute of it. It's wonderful to be in a group of women who are all joining forces to give a voice to the voiceless and freedom to the enslaved. If I've heard one thing consistently, it's that people would love to be involved...if they didn't have to wear a dress. That's perfectly fine! I want to see more people get involved and if a dress is holding you back, consider this your time to shine!!


Jeanuary begins January 1st and will go all month long. Ladies, {and gents, of course} we're going to wear our jeans...or denim jackets...or denim shirts, denim skirts, or what-have-you, and we're going to raise awareness for human trafficking. {My personal goal is to wear jeans the entire month...cycling through the few pair I have and finding ways to make it fun at the same time.}

AND? I've tied this cause to an organization that stole my heart when I was at Allume this past October. Freeset is in the business of freeing woman from the sex trade in India. They offer them a chance to earn a living by sewing bags and t-shirts and more for people like us to buy and treasure.

Can you imagine what that feels like for these women? To go from the extreme to standing in a line, waiting for a man to choose them, to clocking in at a job that offers hope and independence and a redeemed dignity? Watch this video to learn more about Freeset and the women they're helping...and we will all be helping during the month of January.

I have a few Freeset pieces I'll be featuring in my pics in January and I want YOU to do the same. Ready?


~Sign up using the linky below so I can follow you and see what you're doing

~Wear jeans {or your favorite denim piece as mentioned above} during the month of January, posting a picture to {at least} instagram to help raise awareness. {have fun with this!!}

~Tell your friends and family about what you're doing and encourage them to shop from Freeset to help support the women they've freed and make room for more women to join them.

~SHOP! Go buy something from Freeset to feature in your pics.

Freeset will be giving me info to share with you so we can track their sales for the month. For now, the only way to help them raise money right now is by shopping from them....and we ladies know how to get that done, right? Sign up below and join us! Use your facebook/twitter/instagram url if you like. You DO NOT have to have a blog to join in.

**FOLLOW JEANuary on Instagram & Twitter as well as @FreesetUSA on Twitter so you can keep up with the good word!**

Any questions? Ask away! I'm looking forward to seeing you join in the ripple effect. Let's make waves for freedom!


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