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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

(in)RL Meetup 2014 ~ We Need YOUR Story

My story...

I feel as if God used all of the year 2013 to wake me up to the importance of my own story. The things too hard to share? The things too funny to overlook? The things that make me uniquely His? He wants me to share those. He wants me to share my story.

But how?

This burning in my heart is something that makes me so excited for this year's (in)RL meetup. I've hosted these from the beginning and I can't wait to see what good word God holds in store for us this year. Friend? I want to see you there. And if you don't live in my area, I want to see you online as we watch Friday's webcast together...and I want to hear about your Saturday after you've gone to or hosted your own meetup.

Now, you need some details right? I promise not to leave you in "What is she talking about?" world. Here's the skinny...

And so, you know what do to now, right? Head over to (in)RL and REGISTER! There you will find information for tuning in on Friday, April 25th for the webcast as well as where your closest meetup is or instructions on how to host your own on Saturday, April 26th.



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