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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Human Trafficking And Why I Can't Choose Apathy

I may seem passionate about human trafficking if you talk to me today. It may be the only topic I choose to bring up again and again. I try to educate and inform myself because I want to make a difference.

I've shared with you all recently about how my passion even came to be. Honestly, before working with (in)courage & Dayspring at Allume this past October, I didn't think human trafficking was something I needed to think about. It was all too easy for me to let other people try and fight it while I tried to raise the family I had been entrusted with. "I have 3 little kiddos. It's not time for me to fighting anything."

But friends? There's one thing that nags at my mind and tugs hard on my heart. It Could Have Been Me. Yes. The days I thought it was fun to cross the border into Canada and drink irresponsibly, ending up with people I had just met when the bars closed in countless, crazy could have been me. That night a friend and I went to the home of a guy we just met...and I was drugged and taken advantage of and dragged back into his home three times when I tried to could have been me. When I found myself in an abusive relationship under the harshest control I've ever seen outside of the could have been me. The hard truth? I could go on and speak of more but my heart can't go much further to share without gut wrenching tears.

So, when I say these women stuck in slavery are my sisters, I say it from a heart that understands even though it doesn't know the extreme to which theirs feel this "ick". I say it from a place that once believed I was completely unlovable...and maybe they know that place too? These are my sisters and I hate to hear the stories as much as any human with a heart would hate to hear the stories.

But I can't choose apathy. I can't choose "It's not my problem". If I can see countless times in my life when I was somehow spared - If I see how that pain I felt can be restored and redeemed for something greater? I can't choose apathy. They need my voice.

They need yours too.

I have this crazy dream that came after deciding to support Freeset with a month of posts to raise awareness on Instagram and Twitter. That dream is to go to India to meet these sisters I have who found freedom. I'd love to see their faces and hug them. I'd love for them to show me what they do and hear their stories. And maybe someday I'll get that chance. For now, I dream and choose everyday to speak out against this great injustice.

Join me?



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