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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Being A Woman Who Supports Women {review}

Thanks to the company that sponsored this review. I was not compensated beyond the review item. All opinions are my own. Others may have a different opinion or experience.

Let me ask you something: would you purposely move into a low-income city to be a light and an encouragement with your husband and young family? I live not too far away from the city where Rebecca Smith and her family purposely moved and have used their gifts to reach out to their neighbors. Friends? It is not an area where most consider moving to, but she and her husband felt led to do that and took a step in obedience.

What came from that is really, very beautiful. She was just getting settled when she found herself starting up a custom bag business strictly based on demand. And as that demand grew, so did her need to employ others to help. She knew she wanted to use the sale of her bags to help others but that turned from making a donation to a wonderful organization to hiring a woman who couldn't work because of her religious beliefs. Now, she rents sewing machines to women and gives them lessons so they can work in a way that supports their family while honoring their beliefs and guarding their dignity.

Michigan mom blog

Michigan mom blog

If you're even a little inspired by that, or wish even a little bit that you could join her, I have good news for you. You can be a part! It's really as simple as visiting Better Life Bags and making a purchase. 

Did you see that note in the photo? It wears the name of the woman who knows her work is valuable. She can carry her head high knowing that she is able to provide for her family in a city where more people are trying to move out than move in. And every time she sells another bag, she is reminded, "You count. You're needed. Your work is appreciated". 

Michigan mom blog

I'm just blessed to be a small part of supporting women in my own metro area. I love being able to put a spotlight on Rebecca and the heart work she's doing every day. My hope is that you are passionate enough to buy these handmade, custom goodies over your next department store purchase. Every bag sale is going to make a difference in someone's life and bring a little more light into the Detroit area. 

Personally, I'll be using this Finley laptop bag every time I head out with my MacBook to write and have held on to the card it came with so I can remember to pray for Sheheda.  And you know? I may just let this bag double as a handbag for me from time to time. It's so beautiful and the leather handles are so soft. It's just begging to be used. 

Michigan mom blog

Michigan mom blog

Tell me what prints you love and which bag style you have your heart set on! How many are you putting on your wish list? 

I already have another bag in mind. I love to switch it up and I love wearing the something that brings support in the best ways to other women. 



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