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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Essential Oil Story

I'm an introverted follower. By that, I mean I tend to observe things others are doing and try to apply it to my own life, my own way, to see if it will stick or help at all. {Just for the record, I SHOULD NOT have approached this topic that way. DO NOT go out and buy things without doing research.}

This is how I approached essential oils. I remember a time a year or so ago when I had a string of migraines and someone reached out to me telling me I should try essential oils. And then she hit me with the price of her oils. I thought she was nuts. I had no idea if oils would even help so why would I spend ALL THAT money on something....especially when I just found a whole bunch of "essential oils" online for far less. In fact, for the same price she gave me, I found a box of 6 different oils. "Score", right?

Nope. Not at all a "score".

These so-called "100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils" were thrown into my daily life. But I couldn't figure out why the lemon oil smelled only lemon-ish, and the peppermint oil smelled nothing like peppermint and exactly like citrus. I honestly shrugged it off and thought "What do I know about essential oils? Maybe this is what it's supposed to smell like."  And here's the scary part. I kept USING THESE OILS. I put them on my skin and, because the bottle said it was ok, I put the lemon oil IN MY WATER. Guys {and gals}, Knowing what I know not about essential oils, it scares me that I ever did that and I'm so thankful for whatever oily angel was protecting me. {ha, ha}  ;)

Obviously, what I was using in these watered down oils was not working for I began to do research. I found 2 top brands of essential oils, one of which was what my Facebook friend recommended from the get-go. And then I was able to have a brief conversation with someone at my church who sold the other top brand. She told me "Whatever you decide to go with, make sure to do your research first".   Friends, her words were gold to me and that's what actually led me to go with Young Living Essential Oils.

I read about their Seed To Seal guarantee and watched the videos. Then another friend told me that I can call a customer service rep at any time and give them the number imprinted on the back of any bottle of oil and they will tell me every step of that oil's process...from seed to seal. They keep track of it all. I have no problem getting behind a brand that operates their own farms and distilleries while documenting the life and harvest of each plant then testing, testing, and more testing to be sure that the oils distilled meet the standard they've set for themselves above the status quo.

That decided it for me, I made some samples at her house and immediately began seeing results. My son went to bed easier and with less stress, my immune system is strong enough to knock a cold right out of the ballpark, that seasonal gook and stuffiness has found relief, I'm sleeping better, and anxiety and stress levels are now under control.

There are even more things I've seen from using Young Living Essential Oils, but you and I would need more time to chat.

These oils are simply amazing to me! I promise, I'm not one to talk something like this up if it isn't worth it. Had I been mad about my investing in essential oils, I would have told you that too. Be these work to support my system naturally and I'm beyond thrilled. Now I want to get all of that goodness into your hands!

This beautiful kit costs $150 {50% SAVINGS!!!!} and will be shipped right to your home after you order it. And by signing up to be a member, you'll receive 24% off your future purchases with no obligation to do anything more, ever. I chose to become a distributor after trying these out and seeing the difference they made in my own life and home. I have a strict, NO PRESSURE policy. I just want you to love these as much as I do. {honestly, my initial idea was to get that discount and call it a day. And you know what? I would have been able to do that if I wanted to.}

Get to it! And please let me know if any questions every arise, which they most likely will. You can comment here, message me on Facebook, or email me and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.


**Marketing disclaimer: The link I share may be an affiliate link. I may collect payment from purchases made.
**Disclaimer:  The info I shared is based on my own research and experience(s) with Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. The FDA has not evaluated my statements, the products I've mentioned, or even the technique I use. Therefore, these statements are not made with intent to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any kind of ailment or disease. Please have a conversation with your doctor before introducing these if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, and/or have any kind of medical condition. 
I'm simply sharing information and my personal story for readers to use as a reference in a "take it or leave it" fashion. My hope is to motivate you in learning more about essential oils as they may pertain to your own life and/or family. Please do your research as you see fit. 


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