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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Go" - Making Business About More Than Me

I felt very strongly about taking steps into becoming an independent distributor for Young Living. Yes, I believe in this company and have full confidence in their products, but what pushed me into beginning this journey had very little to do with me and what I stand to gain.

See, when I would talk about my friend and her small business success with my husband, he would lovingly tell me "But Amy, we don't necessarily need the extra money". He didn't really want me to take a step into this business. But there was one Sunday morning that changed everything for me.

I sat down in my regular Sunday spot at church and saw 2 young boys take the stage. These boys were from an orphanage in Thailand that my church has worked to support in an effort to save children from the sex trade. I watched their body language. They began by looking right out at us in the congregation and then their spokesperson, the son of the orphanage's developers, began to tell us more about each of them. One was in 5th grade and one was in 6th.  I watched as their faces quickly fell and their eyes fixed on their feet as we heard their stories.

The mama in me wanted to interrupt this story telling to run up to the smaller of the 2 boys, who they call NoNo as a nickname, and just hold him. As we heard his story of his dad disappearing while serving in the Burmese Army and his mom left unable to care for him and his siblings - as we understood that his mom chose to drop him off at the orphanage to give him the best life possible - we could see his cherub face begin to cry and hear his little nose begin to sniffle. Even sharing that story with you now brings me tears.

Here is a short video that was shared with us before we met those beautiful boys. 

It's so easy to hear stories like this and think "What can I do to make a difference?".  Let me tell you what is resonating in my heart. I want kids off the streets and out of sex trafficking. AND. I want to come along side these moms or dads or mom and dad pairs, and support something that will keep them from putting their children, most times unknowingly, into the sex trade.  Think on this for a minute: Maybe you're a mom just like me. Can you imagine a living situation being so hard that you are looking for a way your child can be cared for away from you? Friends. I can't even begin to fathom that. But I do know that I would want to hand him/her over to someone I had confidence in and could trust with his/her upbringing.

That's why I'm going to be using my small business, in its entirety {as long as it lasts} to support this orphanage in Thailand. I want children in a safe place and out of the sex trade while being properly cared for, taught, and being prepared to be successful as adults while reaching out to those around them and saving even more children from the streets. Of every dollar I make, 10% is going to be sent to this orphanage. You have my word and I pray you can "hear" my conviction. My business is not just about me and mine, this is my way to create a community of people who will "go" to Thailand and support these children as often as any profit is gained on my end.

Friends, I am so excited about this idea. I'm excited to see you using essential oils to better your home and your family. I'm excited to share with you my stories and hear your stories. But I'm most excited that as we learn to care for ourselves and our families using these great gifts of the earth, that we are also reaching out to and caring for children in Thailand and supporting a hopeful environment for them. As you consider using YL essential oils for your family, would you also consider joining me in helping these orphans and the children who still need a safe place to live?

You can get started by heading here to read a bit more about my experience with essential oils and use the link there to sign up as a member with your first starter kit. This is where our journey together will begin and you and I will be able to support our family in Thailand.

PLEASE spread the word about this. Tell your friends and family about these beautiful children and about how they can "go" to Thailand with me. :) {You have to use my member number to officially partner with me}.

Are you in?


**Marketing disclaimer: The link I share may be an affiliate link. I may collect payment from purchases made.
**Disclaimer:  The info I shared is based on my own research and experience(s) with Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. The FDA has not evaluated my statements, the products I've mentioned, or even the technique I use. Therefore, these statements are not made with intent to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any kind of ailment or disease. Please have a conversation with your doctor before introducing these if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, and/or have any kind of medical condition. 
I'm simply sharing information and my personal story for readers to use as a reference in a "take it or leave it" fashion. My hope is to motivate you in learning more about essential oils as they may pertain to your own life and/or family. Please do your research as you see fit. 


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