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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Newest Back To School Mom - NEEDS YOU -

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The uniforms are purchased along with the new shoes and socks and tights. The backpacks have a list of supplies packed in them and are waiting for first day photos. Brand new lunch boxes with matching thermoses are waiting for the first full day of school so they can be packed up.

And in a moment, I'm flooded with tears. All these things are ready for my kiddos to leave their homeschool. It's time for me to let them go and watch them grow in new and beautiful ways. It stings a little bit, but my heart is confident that we're making the best choice for our family.

But, whoa, the adjustment! I have a personal planner in my purse, a calendar on the wall in my kitchen, and digital calendars on my iPhone, iPad, & MacBook to ensure I don't miss something.
I would hate to take my kids to school on a scheduled day off. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I sent them to school in their uniform on picture day. I want to make sure I have everything down and I'm ready for the new normal.


Is this normal? Is it normal for a new "back to school" mom to feel overwhelmed and afraid she's going to miss something, screw something up, or completely ruin her kiddos' school career? LOL I feel like it may be normal but most moms aren't starting traditional schooling with their kiddos at grades 3 and Kindergarten. Maybe this sting is a little different?

Anyway, mama friends of mine, I need your counsel. I need your links to your pinterest boards that make your school life easier. I need your links to posts you wrote on this topic that will serve as an encouragement to me. {And yes, I need to be reminded to breathe, too.}  Would you leave encouragement or links in the comments for me, please? Let's get this school year off to a great start together.



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