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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Call To Join The #AGForAllGirls Movement!

** I received NO Compensation whatsoever for sharing the following information. I chose to post it at my own discretion without pay or item for review simply because I love this brand that much. **

You've heard me share about American Girl here before. {You can use the search box on the sidebar to find all my old posts} I love this brand and how they encourage my girls to be girls without minimizing their individual abilities. It's not a brand that's focussed on "girly girl" as much as it's focussed on how beautifully different each girl is. 

Tell you more about #AGForAllGirls? OK! This is the perfect way to rally girls everywhere to be an encouraging voice to each other. Let's show them how to think of others and champion them to reach their best potential. Just watch this short video to understand it a bit more. 

Right now, you have the chance to join their movement and make a pledge to all girls. The pledge I made is pictured below.

Are you ready to make your pledge and let your girls make a pledge too? Great! Head over to this American Girl link and get started! It's very easy to do and they won't ask for any personal information outside of your name and age. 

Please pass this around and share it with friends. Let's get all the girls we know to pledge!!! 



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