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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Norm Of the North And Our Movie Night Recipe {review}

Thanks to the company that sponsored this review. I was not compensated beyond the review item. All opinions are my own. Others may have a different opinion or experience.

The 3 kiddos and I had a weekend together while the hubster was away with a group of men from our church so this DVD arrived just in time. We decided to make our "movie night" a day of fun after our morning chores were finished.

What did we do? We made some Marshmallow and PopCorn SnowBalls! (these were sooooo tasty!) Let me Break down the recipe for you. 

Marshmallow & Popcorn Snowballs 
What you'll need:

  • 1    20oz. bag of marshmallows
  • 1/4 Cup stick margarine
  • 1 bag popped popcorn
  • Plastic Wrap (for your finished snowballs)

 Start by popping up your popcorn in the microwave. While you wait for it to pop, start setting out squares of plastic wrap to wrap your finished snowballs in. I ended up with 7 or 8, just to give you an idea of how many you'll need.

After the popcorn is popped, it's time to melt down your margarine! I popped this in my microwave for about 50 seconds.

Next, open up that bag of marshmallows and pour them into the same bowl you melted your margarine in. Put the bowl back in the microwave and melt them down. 

Stir your mallows and margarine together to make a fluffy, marshmallow cream. Then, spread out your popcorn on a baking sheet and pour the cream on top. 

Next comes the messy but fun part!  Before you do this, I recommend rubbing some margarine on your hands for an easier clean-up. Grab a handful of popcorn and start rolling it into a ball while in your hands. When you're done, stick it to one of the plastic wrap squares you set out and cover it up. 

My kiddos really enjoyed making these with me and we all thought they were super yummy. The best part? When it was time for the movie...

I brought this bowl downstairs and threw "snowballs" at my kiddos. We were laughing and excited for our movie night. 

We all settled in with our blankets and had a lights-off, movie night watching Norm of the North for the very first time. You guys, we laughed and laughed at this movie. Norm and his lemmings are hysterical as they work together to save their home from humans' condos being built. And Norm's dancing? Absolutely priceless. 

My kiddos enjoyed this movie and I thought it was good too. 

Check out this clip when of when Norm meets the lemmings for the first time. :D

This BluRay combo DVD just came out this past Tuesday, April 19th. Head out to your store and pick it up for your family! 

What kind of snacks do you make for your family movie nights? I'm always looking for yummy things to try. 


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