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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Cleaning - Let's Chat Chemical Free Glass Cleaner

Years ago, when Alex was very small and making all sorts of finger prints and mouthy-slobbery-drooling baby marks all over my door wall, I couldn't take it. I honestly couldn't take it and I had to go back to that glass door and clean it on the daily. But this is the part where I kick myself and say "I wish I would have known a better way."

At that time I was using store-bought glass cleaner. You know the stuff. It comes in a spray bottle and has a completely unnatural blue color. What I hate is that I was using something loaded in chemicals on a window where my son put his mouth.  And I don't want to sound like a preachy mom. No. That's not my intention. I just want to spotlight this single scenario as an example. {AKA, I'm the bad guy here.}

So fast forward with me to last year. A friend of mine was raving, raving, raving about this chemical free household cleaner that was infused with essential oils. I honestly wanted to laugh at first. "How cute. I'll bet it smells great. But does it actually clean anything?"  She swore to me it was good for a number of things and it came in a bottle of concentrate so I could just dilute one capful for one spray bottle of water and get to cleaning.


Y'all, I was a complete skeptic.   And yet, here I am a full year later about to tell you about the same stuff. It's my answer to most things "Spring Cleaning".  

Young Living Thieves Household CleanerI use this bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner made by Young Living. I promise you it's a game changer because it works and has cut out the household cleaner chemicals since I've started using it. It's also super cost effective since it's purchased as a concentrate, making it less than $1 per spray bottle I make!

If you read my post on the cleaning calendar I use, you'll see that Tuesday is the day I clean all windows and mirrors.   I grab 3 things.

1. My bottle of water + Thieves Household Cleaner
2. My squeegee
3. My microfiber cloth {to wipe the squeegee with and catch any drips on the edge of the window/mirrow}

I'm left with no streaks, no smudges left behind, no chemicals, and super clean surfaces! {And since it's infused with essential oils, my home is left with a light, cinnamon-ish smell.}

Check out my before and after from my chore day over spring break. You'll notice my son's legs across my bed. :)  

Young Living Thieves Household CleanerYoung Living Thieves Household Cleaner

 I changed the "After" angle just a tad so you could see I was still taking a picture of a mirror and not a straight shot into my bedroom. The smudges on the "Before" picture are all thanks to my 4 year old. She simply loves to mess up the full length mirror in our hallway. Ha!

I did say earlier in this post that I use this cleaner for a lot of things. I'll be happy to show you how I use it around my home as we head into Spring Cleaning season, one job at a time.

Should you have any questions about how you can get your hands on this cleaner, please email me, comment below {and I'll get back to you} or click on the "Essential Oils" tab at the top of my page.

Bring on Spring and bring on Clean!

**Marketing disclaimer: The link I share may be an affiliate link. I may collect payment from purchases made.
**Essential Oil Disclaimer:  The info I shared is based on my own research and experience(s) with Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. The FDA has not evaluated my statements, the products I've mentioned, or even the technique I use. Therefore, these statements are not made with intent to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any kind of ailment or disease. Please have a conversation with your doctor before introducing these if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, and/or have any kind of medical condition. 
I'm simply sharing information and my personal story for readers to use as a reference in a "take it or leave it" fashion. My hope is to motivate you in learning more about essential oils as they may pertain to your own life and/or family. Please do your research as you see fit. 


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