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Friday, May 18, 2018

My Entranceway #DIY Makeover

A common thing for my family is to not use the front door to enter the house. It's probably common for any home with an attached garage. But when my kiddos were coming inside after school or an activity, everything was getting tossed in a pile and left all over the place. 


I need to be able to find the notes from teachers and make sure we're keeping up with all the things. (And by the way, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PAIRS OF SHOES ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR?)

I was about done. Honest to goodness. 

After discussing a plan with the hubster, I was given a shopping budget and I headed over to Hobby Lobby with my design in mind. Let's flip this small space and make it useful, shall we? 

Entrance DIY Makeover

Well, you can see I quickly found my shoe cubby that dates back to when my kiddos were in diapers but it's the right size and it works so that's where I placed it. Opposite of that cubby, is the door we walk in. 

Next, I took my cute finds from Hobby Lobby and used my floor to move the pieces around until I found an arrangement I liked. I needed a place for the mail to go, a calendar for all the dates of all the things, something for the loose pens and pencils to live in, and somewhere for each kiddos' notes and project papers to live.  

I headed to Hobby lobby on their 40% off day so I didn't pay full price for anything you see here. Both the metal and the wood sign were on sale the day I shopped. Score-zy! 

Entrance DIY Makeover

Once I had an arrangement I liked, I took one thing at a time over to the wall for me to measure where I would hang each one. I tend to get a little meticulous when it comes to this. I really can't stand when I hang something up and it doesn't look right...(but I've already damaged the wall so why not just leave it like that?). You know what I mean? 

Entrance DIY Makeover

After I was happy with the placement and had the measurements figured out, I hung it all up. I promise you, this was the best decision I could have made for this space. You'll see beneath my antique Shredded Whole Wheat sign, I've placed 3 command hooks on the wall. This, my friends, is where each kiddo hangs up their backpack. (Can I get a "Hallelujah!"??)

Entrance DIY Makeover

This simplistic design has saved my floors from being covered with shoes and book bags and my counters are spared being completely covered with all the papers. Also? That cute basket at the top is where I place the mail we get everyday. Again, this is saving my countertops from being absolutely smothered. And when I need to return something in the mail, I know where I left it. 

What is a mess you wish you could tackle? I wanted my kitchen to be a kitchen but without a mudroom I needed to create some organization for the things we bring inside with us. Look around and find a way to solve the problem. If you have even one small wall to work with, you can completely change the space and create solutions! 

And yes, I wish I could come shop with you and design an answer for your space, too. If you're really stuck, reach out in the comments. I may be able to help you with some ideas!



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