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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Few Book Picks For Middleschoolers From Workman Publishing (review)

**thanks to the pr representative who sent complimentary items for review. I was not compensated for this post beyond those items. This is my experience and opinion. Others may have a different experience or view. 

Most kiddos have their favorite subject(s) in school. For my boy, it's history. He loves jumping into history books, visiting historical sites, and watching historical documentaries to learn more and more and more about what came before him. 

He's also going to start Middle School. (Someone hold me.) And would you know, the thing that made him excited about his class schedule was that his first hour is spent in history. My friends over at Workman Publishing heard about his love of history and sent us some books for him to enjoy.

Maybe you've seen the Big Fat Notebook series of books for Middle School students? They have books that cover history, science, math, and English. These books are crammed with facts and are also very captivating for the reader.

The style of the book is like one, big notebook. The font is large and the pages are colorful while also descriptive. It makes it a bit of an "easy read" but is also teaching a lot of information at the same time. These are wonderful references for Middle School students!

And if you're a parent who worries about bias, be it from a religious, political, or other world view, you can set those worries aside. The stories told in this book are strictly the facts of what happened. It's actually really refreshing. My son has enjoyed looking over World History and American History topics and sharing with us the things he's learning.

Now, let's chat a bit about Spy On History. My boy was also sent this book to enjoy. This got him excited in a different kind of way. This story invites him to participate and help crack the code to solve the mystery.

But he doesn't do this just by reading. No. He's armed with maps, tools, and hints along the way to help him out. And because he loves history, he takes this very seriously.

I love his love for history but I love finding helpful tools for him even more. Being able to get him books that will stimulate that love for all things history and add to his learning is a wonderful gift. And I'm picky, y'all. I want him to have books that are really geared toward his age and reading level without dumbing down the information or sharing it in a boring way. 

I guess my point is, there are A LOT of choices out there but I choose to stick with something I know will meet my kiddos where they are and encourage further learning. You'll find, like I did, Workman Publishing offers loads of books like this for all ages. 

Now to find a few things for my girls from Workman Publishing. What do you think you're kiddo(s) will enjoy? 



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