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Monday, August 20, 2018

Amazeko Pencil Sharpeners Bring FUN To Homework Time (review)

**thanks to the pr representative who sent complimentary items for review. I was not compensated for this post beyond those items. This is my experience and opinion. Others may have a different experience or view. 

I'm pretty sure it's fair to say that the least exciting part of "back to school" for the kiddos is homework.  Seriously. Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and have "homework hour" be over, already. But since I can't take it away (and I know it's beneficial for my kiddos' learning), I may as well add something to their working spaces that they will enjoy. 

Enter some adorable and fun pencil sharpeners. 

I have a boy and 2 girls. All 3 of my kiddos were so happy to see these Amazeko items show up on our doorstep. My girlies share a room and keep their ice cream truck sharpener on their desk and my son was really stoked to add the S.W.A.T. truck sharpener to his. 

These pencil sharpeners also feature lights and sounds. This makes pencil sharpening fun and makes the task of sitting down to get homework done a little less unpleasant. Check out the little clips below to see what I'm talking about. (PS: After we tried these out for the first time, my kiddos took to sharpening all their colored pencils and then sat down to color. Yep. I'll take in the sounds of sirens and ice cream trucks in exchange for having all 3 (not so) littles sitting down to color for an extended period of time. This is such a win!

The boxes come loaded with an Amazeko pencil and batteries for the sharpeners. You don't have to worry about any assembly. Just add batteries and send the kiddos on their way. 

There is a window on the back of each truck to make it easy to see when the sharpener should be emptied. Then when it's time to empty it, simply pull that back part off the truck and dump out the shavings.

My boy and 2 girls have been enjoying these sharpeners for a couple weeks now. They've since taken to doing more coloring and even writing out cards for friends and family. It's amazing how a small detail can inspire a lot more creativity, huh? We love these sharpeners and I'm sure your kiddos will too. 

Check out the link at the top of this post to go shopping and grab one for your back to school kiddo(s). 



  1. These are so cute, especially the ice cream sharpener. My 12 yoa granddaughter loves to draw and is always looking for a sharpener for her pencils. Think this may have to be a Christmas gift for her.

    1. We've already seen a lot of use with these and it's STILL fun for them. <3 Great gift idea, for sure.


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