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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Shop PIPSTICKS+WORKMAN For The Most Fun #BackToSchool Planners (review)

**thanks to the pr representative who sent complimentary items for review. I was not compensated for this post beyond those items. This is my experience and opinion. Others may have a different experience or view. 

Last school year was when I had finally decided to change up the way I was handling my family's schedule. My hubster and I share a calendar on our iPhones, but I needed somewhere I could tangibly see the day to day schedule. I bought a giant planner and filled it out as events, appointments, and all that jazz came up.

This year I was sent this oh, so adorable 17 month planner from PIPSTICKS+WORKMAN. When I say adorable, I'm not just talking about the cover (although that is especially cute). I'm also talking about the stickers (yes, stickers!) and sweet little details all throughout the planner.

Right after opening it, I saw this holographic bag that holds little sticky tabs and a blank card. It may also be able to hold a pen but I'm sure I'll be adding extra stickers to this soon. Also, did you see the tabs on the righthand side? I love the colors, making it easy to tell the difference between each section.

Before I got to the monthly calendar tabs, I found so many helpful detail pages. There is a list of popular holidays, places to write in your own notable dates, a page to write out goals for each month, blank note pages, and seasonal stickers to use all over the calendar and daily plans. There is just something about a planner made beautifully fun. I look forward to adding things to my planner (which makes my life a bit more organized).

Here's a peek at the monthly layout and my most favorite detail for ease of use. I already mentioned the colored tabs, making it easy to turn to the month needed. There is also a handy elastic cord that works as a marker for the month you would like to open up to. Following a view at the full month, there is a day to day break down with plenty of room to write in all the important details...or to add more stickers. :) 

Speaking of stickers, check out this amazing sticker book! 

OK. See? Rainbows, plants, AND alpacas? This sticker book speaks my love language, y'all. These will be so fun to add to postcards or notes or my planner. And you can call me childish if you want, but I think stickers are just fun. They really cheer me up. 

At the back of the sticker book, there are 6 postcards that will be fun to pop in the mail and surprise people with. Y'all, the colors and designs and details in all of this? They are soooo cute, and bright, and cheery. 

Finally, let's check out the most amazing little note pad. 

Yes, of course there are some stickers here, too. I love it!  This pad is something I'm going to use for my many (MANY) wandering thoughts. I get blog post ideas, or want to jot down my garden planting timeline, or have DIY projects I want to make sure I do, and so on. You get it, right? A creative mind is a terrible thing to waste and if I don't capture my ideas, I will have a hard time remembering them later. This pad is perfect to toss in my handbag for on-the-go or to set beside my planner at home so I can easily grab it and write things down there. 

Alright. It's your turn to find your perfect fit. Jump to the top of the post and click the link to start shopping. And, hey! If you're feeling generous, I wouldn't mind a few more stickers. ;) 



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