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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Confessions of a Toddler

Oh, be careful, little eyes, what you see.
I'm praying that I haven't given my son the wrong impression. The words "Mommy isn't a killer" were all I could muster up to explain the combat my son just witnessed.
He and I were getting ready to enjoy some playtime on our patio since the 70 degree mark and upwards of are a rarity in Michigan these days.
I opened the screen a crack and turned to grab some toys for him to play with.
2 seconds later, I noticed that there was a fly in my house.
(Do flies watch eagerly for open doors and windows and then attack? I'm beginning to wonder.)
Then, I quickly shut the screen door because a bumble bee was trying to get in too.
("Party at the blonde's house!")
I needed a strategy. Of course! Grab the bug spray and a newspaper. (junk mail is good for something).
I quickly shot at the bee outside through the screen. He flew away and then down. Then, I rolled up my junk mail paper and took a swing at the fly.
Home Run! It's outta here!
Yes! I killed them both! No more problem = time to play outside.
When I turned to lead my son outside, he was staring at me with the saddest expression. Geez, the innocent child witnessed his first view of how things go in the real world. Moms and Dads everywhere kill annoying bugs as to "protect their child". That is the reason, right? Is that why I took so much pleasure in it? Uh...sure!
Therefore, "Mommy's isn't a killer".
On we went to have fun outside without bugs. I do feel slightly guilty for having Alex right there to see it all.
Ah, well. What's done is done.


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