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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mommy Time Out

Last night was the first time I needed one of these in a bad way. Mike, Alex and I were all eating our supper (tacos) when Alex decided to throw his food on the floor. He was corrected for doing this. Mike even gave his little hand a pat after a few times of not listening. Alex only laughed and decided that throwing a piece of tortilla on the floor wasn't as fun as a whole handful of taco.
I was upset and decided to end the meal then and there. Mike cleaned up Alex while I tended to the mess on the floor.
(huff) the floor is finally clean. Now, I need to clean the chair. Of course I figured out that I should have cleaned the chair first because taco was falling on the floor that "I JUST CLEANED". Mike told me that he thought I should clean the chair and THEN the floor.
Didn't I just draw that conclusion in my head? I snapped at Mike and told him he wasn't helping.
As I took the highchair tray to the sink to hose off, Alex had a "pick me up" fit while tugging on my pants.
Right there...that was the moment I was done. I told Alex that I "can't deal" and asked Mike with my eyes to help me with him.
It's quite possible that you've read all of this and think I may be over-reacting. Well, I may have been. All I know is that I was stressed to the max.
I took a moment to remember to take a breath. After everything was cleaned up, I felt much better.
(Big Deep Breath)
There. Now that I've got that off my chest, life and the world can go on.
Thanks for giving me a moment.


  1. i think it's okay to give yourself a time out. a time to catch your breath and regroup. it not only helps you, but alex, too.

    so many of us can relate to this.

  2. Deep Breath! Sometimes the best thing is to walk away. We've all been there, done that. I still have these moments with my 15yo (and 19yo).


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