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Sunday, June 15, 2008

If It Weren't For The Little Guy

Today is Father's Day...of course you already know that.

Since Mike is such a great Dad, I wanted his day to go off without a hitch. We planned on meeting up with our parents and my Grandparents for a "grill your own" at the park. When we got to the park, I saw the dark clouds approaching and felt the wind picking up. I was so worried that our BBQ would be rained out.

The inevitable happened; it rained big wet raindrops on us. I picked up my son and ran for the closest pavilion. I didn't want him to get soaked and catch a cold. I noticed that there was a very small party at the other end of a very large pavilion and decided to sit at the table furthest from them with my son.

"Uh. Can you LEAVE? We're having a party here and I rented out the whole thing." A girl (who was thrice my size) shouted this from her end of the pavilion.

Naturally, being the female I am, I rolled my eyes and turned to open my mouth with a smart reply when I remembered I was holding my 14 month old in my arms. Did I really want him to hear me mouth off? A family member quickly stepped in to say that WE understood and would wait out the rain in our cars.

I usually don't appreciate people speaking for me. This was not one of those times. I had all sorts of unkind things to say to the woman who would rather my son get soaked and catch a cold than let me sit at the empty, undecorated table (only about 8 of the 20-ish tables were decorated and being used).

I'm glad that my mouth was shut and that I did not say all of the wonderful things I had planned in my mind. My attack would have taught Alex how his Mom deals with people who say things she doesn't want to hear. It would have taught him that being disrespectful to someone is justifiable if "they started it". It would have taught him that his Mom is rude, sarcastic, and flat out embarrassing when it comes to dealing with complete strangers.


Saying nothing was way better than teaching him all of those ugly lessons.

P.S. The rain passed over rather quickly and we had our BBQ after all.

1 comment:

  1. I totally would have piped up. LOL

    You're a better person than me! When it comes to my kid's welfare, I'm kind of a roaring lioness.


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