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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Home For Mitsu.

Yes, I'm dedicating an entire blog entry to my fish....again. Mitsu has fit in perfectly to our family. She knows how to be quiet when Alex is resting. She knows how to be supportive while I write, network, and click away. She has proven to be the perfect, low maintanence companion.

Alex adores Mitsu. Every day, after he wakes up, he walks over to her bowl and waves. This morning, he pointed at her and said "Oh! Dish!" (he hasn't quite got the "f" sound down yet).

In honor of her fitting right in, I decided that she needed a posh home of her own. And while there were many cute decorations to choose from, I decided to keep it simple. I also wanted to choose something that would contrast her color just right. :)

(I'm a goofball, huh? Just imagine what I would have done if I did get a small dog.)

Anyway, without further adu, here is her new home.

She has a nice sized hurricane bowl. The bottom is covered in natural stones that are big and chunky.
Does anyone have any other tips on how I can "pimp Mitsu's fishbowl"? :)
I should end this with a very familiar line from a very familiar home makeover show. "Welcome Home, Mitsu. Welcome Home."


  1. I can totally relate. Our two beta fish are perfect housemates as well!! So calm, so forgiving, they only want you to feed them once a day, only ask to change them once a week....awww if only kids were the same way! HA HA HA

    Sending some comment love your way!

  2. Maybe a treasure chest to keep all her jewelry in!

  3. I say go for a treasure chest. After all, what's a goldfish without some gold?


  4. We have a twety-gallon aquarium my husband purchased a while ago. I was so content with "Riley" (my fish beta's name) in a small fish bowl. Easier to clean, no needing of electricity to run. Now, we have to keep it clean, ugh! Sorry didn't mean to whine.

    Yeah, a castle or treasure should give Mitsu's bowl a bit of a character.


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