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Thursday, March 7, 2013

When I Can't Force The Season's Change

I was out shopping the other night and looking at the new items on the racks for the Spring/Summer season approaching. Like a good accessory-oholic, I found a great little cross body purse in a bright shade of white {at a great bargain, might I add}. This little purse made me feel so happy inside. It was like a promise of Spring that I got to take home with me.

Bringing it home, I took my new purse out of the bag and held it in my hands. Then, I took snapshots of it to share on Instagram. "Oh, pretty little Spring purse," I thought. "Won't you work your magic and bring the Spring?"

Outside my window, I saw snow on the ground and even snow falling from the sky.

I sighed in frustration that I am not able to bring myself warmer weather and sunshine with the purchase of a seasonal purse.

Now, it may sound silly that I would hope for Spring to...well...spring up from this purse, but God showed me something about myself. How often do I try and rush my life along to the next season? There are many seasons of life; things that God brings me to so I can learn something, gain something, or even lose something. It's in the seasons that I feel drag on that I begin to get uncomfortable.

"God? Can we please do something NEW today? I'm tired of this dark season and I'm SO ready to move on. So.....can we move on?"

My pushy prayers will never change my circumstances. If I think "It's time for a NEW season", that doesn't mean it will come about. Let alone the fact that I may not really want what lies ahead in that new season. Still, I tell myself new is better and I "boldly approach the throne" asking God to agree with me.

I can just see Him smiling at me the way I smile at my own littles when they beg and plead for something. It must look like the one where I'm thinking "That's not the best idea, and I can't give you a 'Yes' answer. One day you'll understand".

In this moment I have a choice. I can choose to smile back at Him and agree to wait, or I can hang my head and sulk about the fact that I am being asked to wait. In the sulking, I turn inward. I become a person focussed on "Oh, me". BUT. If I choose peace and patience, I also choose to be walking along side my Heavenly Father.

Having a choice is such a powerful thing. I need to be sure I'm intentional with the way I handle each crossroad.

Yes, I'm in a season right now that I wish would just blow over and disappear. However, I choose to trust the season I'm in, knowing that there is life and hope for me yet. There is something greater to gain from a season of darkness. For from the bottom of my pit looking up, I see light and that light is what keeps me going.

The seasons don't need my help to change. The great creator, my Father God, needs no assistance in telling the seasons when to change, either. Humbly, I sit back in my cozy chair, grab my cup of coffee, and look out my windows to admire the falling snow.


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