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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

American Girl's Molly McIntire Is Being Archived {review}

**Thanks to American Girl, who supplied the items to facilitate this review. I wasn't compensated in any way. In this post I share my thoughts and opinions of the item mentioned. Others may have a different experience or opinion.**

I remember when I was young and getting my first American Girl doll. It was actually called the Pleasant Company at the time and there were very few dolls available. The choices I had were Samantha, Kirsten or Molly. So naturally, when I hear that the last of the 3 first dolls is being archived, a part of me is very sad.

The good news is, it's not too late to buy this doll for your own little ones to enjoy. Molly McIntire is now in our collection and is very loved.
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Molly represents the year 1944 and World War Two. Her father is a doctor in the army and is away on duty during this time. She gets by with a little help from her best friend Emily and has books full of adventure to share! 

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Molly arrives with a very cute, argyle sweater worn over a dicky {collar piece} with blue rick-rack on it. 

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 She has on cute, anklet socks with black mary jane shoes.

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She also has on an adorable, flared skirt with white bloomers. 

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 Finally, she wears a pair of round, silver glasses and also has a case that she can wear on her wrist.

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When Molly arrived to our home, I was excited to finally see her in person and my kiddos went crazy for her. I think my son {6 y.o.} likes her because she wears glasses like I do and he wants to hear all about her story {especially after I mentioned her dad going away to help with the war}. My Eliana {3 y.o.} said she wants to really take care of her but agrees with me that she's special and can hang out with Kirsten and Felicity for now. ;) I love how my kiddos understand the priceless value these dolls hold.

Don't wait if you want Molly in your collection or want to gift her to someone you know. She's going into the archives this year and stock is already getting tight!! This is something I look forward to sharing with my girls for years to come and maybe even their children someday, Lord willing.



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