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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spread The Word: A Community For The Home Educator!! #Homeschool

This past year I started the journey of homeschooling my family. It wasn't an easy decision for me to make at first, but it was ultimately the best and I so look forward to the next school year to come. The most invaluable thing to me as I headed into the world of homeschool was community.

If I can be honest, there were many days I felt alone, isolated, frustrated, and worn out. The key is, I had a group of women I could turn to and compare notes with. They gave me advice, prayer, and a lot of encouragement to help me out at my lowest times.

Four of us from that group want to share that same encouragement with others. We know homeschooling can be lonely at times and we want to offer you a place where you can come and be refreshed and also ask for guidance or prayer. We've called this place Keystone Ministry.

Keystone Ministry

Please stop by and read the words from our hearts. If you know someone who is a home educator or who is thinking about becoming one, will you please pass on this site to them?

We're excited about what will happen there! We can't wait to e-meet you!



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